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ARS 2.0

L'arte del conoscersi

Italian for Foreigners

Test your Italian level and learn more about our courses (test down below)!


Basic level Courses A1-A2

Intermediate level Courses B1-B2

Advanced level Courses C1-C2

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A1 Course - contact

A2 Course - survival

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B1 Course - Threshold

B2 Course - Progress

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C1 Course - Effectiveness 

C2 Course - Mastery

Art Course (B2-C1)

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Exams Preparation

C1-C2 Course

Preparation courses for Italian language exams at all levels.

Certification of Competence in Teaching Italian to Foreigners

For every courses, you can ask the exam for the Language Level Certification.
For any information on the courses please contact us!

Which is your level?

Click on the tests below and find out what level of Italian you have

A1 Level

A2 Level

Basic Italian

Basic Italian

B1 Level

B2 Level

C1 Level

Intermediate Italian

Intermediate Italian

Advanced Italian

Already speaks a little Italian but do not know what is your level? Download our Test input and resend it to us complete of Audio file. You will tell us which class best suits you!

Test A1

Test A2

Test B1

Test B2

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