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Student visa


How to obtain a study visa


The Study Visa can be requested for all those who want to study in Italy, for a period of time longer than 90 days.


Documents e forms:

  • entry visa application form  (view)
  • recent photo in passport format 
  • valid travel document expiring at least three months longer than the required visa 
  • demonstration of the availability of an accommodation in Italy: hotel reservation, declaration of hospitality
  • demonstration of the availability of means of support in relation to the stay in Italy, for an amount not less than that established in Table A attached to the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior of 1.3.2000 ( view )
  • health insurance, if the foreigner does not have the right to healthcare in Italy by virtue of agreements or conventions in force with his country 
  • enrollment or pre-registration for the course to attend in Italy


Where to apply for a visa:

The visa can be requested at the Italian Consulate in your country of origin.


Fees to be charged corresponding to the administrative costs for processing the visa application (expressed in Euro):

€ 50.00

Except in special cases, these rights will be levied in the national currency of the country in which the application was submitted.


N.B. for countries outside the EU an invitation letter is required, our school can provide such letters to simplify visa procedures.

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